Review: Star Wars Rebels: Sabine My Rebel Sketchbook

Star Wars Rebels proved from the start that it was nothing to pick aSabine_Rebel_Sketchbook_Covert. Offering a wide variety of new characters, strong female leads, a new astromech droid to fall in love with, or not, and more info into the Star Wars lore, what isn’t to love? The TV series has produced DVDs, toys, clocks, bed spreads, and most importantly, books! There has been loads of books produced to accompany the show, but so far to me, the most outstanding and insightful book would have to be Sabine My Rebel Sketchbook.

Sabine My Rebel Sketchbook combines loads of history behind the wonderful character known as Sabine and her pals upon the Ghost, while also giving us a bit of a behind the scenes look at certain episodes of Star Wars Rebels. Sabine My Rebel Sketchbook also showcases lots of amazing illustrations done by Annie Stoll with loads of stories written by Daniel Wallace. The book is a type of journal mixed with loads of stories and art done and written by Sabine herself. The book really shows us more about Sabine and her past life, while letting us in on her fellow rebels and what they’re up too, which makes me way too excited. Also, we learn all about her art “weapons”, how she made them, and how they work. It’s quite the treat.

Publisher’s Summary:

She’s funny, creative and impulsive; an artist with spray paint and advanced weapons. She’s also a 16-year-old girl who happens to be flying around the universe, wreaking havoc on the Imperial army. Now you can read the private diary of Sabine Wren, the awesome new heroine of the Star Wars Rebels television series!

Wren is one of the most compelling and interesting female character in Star Wars since Princess Leia! She’s an explosives expert supreme, and a master of advanced weapons. She’s also a crazy artist, gifted at graffiti and sketching. She’s strong, bold, confident, cool – and only 16! Get to know Sabine through her own words and artistic expression in this replica journal filled with sketches, photos of her best work, stories, doodles and her observations of her fellow rebels. In Sabine’s own writing, relive events that occur during the first 10 episodes of Star Wars Rebels, plus discover details about Sabine’s life and the rebel team.

Sabine My Rebel Sketchbook offers loads of entertainment, but I would say the most interesting aspect of this book is how Sabine references certain past episodes of Star Wars Rebels. Sabine writes about certain things like when they ruined the Empire’s Day celebration or how she blew up all those TIE Fighters, but she goes into more detail about why they did, how they got away, etc,,, It’s the little things like that make me as a Rebels fan really happy. While we do get a bit more insight into it and what she was thinking and doing, new fans could easily pick it up without any trouble grasping what’s going on. This book could easily be a beginner’s guide for new fans of Star Wars Rebels. You learn about all the characters, their settings, and most importantly, about the Empire.

Star Wars Rebels: Sabine My Rebel Sketchbook is now on sale for $9.99.


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