Rumor: Sam Witwer To Join The Cast of Star Wars Rebels Season Two

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Our friends at have heard from sources that, “Sam Witwer is voicing Emperor Palpatine in Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels.”

This rumor makes sense on so many levels. Witwer a veteran performer for both LucasArts and Lucasfilm Animation through his roles in The Force Unleashed and The Clone Wars is a known commodity and a tremendous ambassador for the brand.


We also know that Witwer has a tremendous vocal range and can do a number of characters including Palpatine.

On a personal note I really didn’t enjoy Tim Curry’s limited work in the role on The Clone Wars and hope we get something closer to Ian McDiarmid’s performance.

A final note, given the budgetary considerations of Rebels and the way the voice acting contracts work, if Witwer is joining the cast to voice the Emperor, it is likely not the only voice he would be doing.

If and when we hear more about this rumor we will pass it along.




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