Rebels Reflections #11: Star Wars Rebels Season Finale: 10 Questions About Ahsoka


Episode Micro-Review:

Episode Number: Season 1, Episode 13 (Production #116)
Episode Title: Fire Across the Galaxy
Writer: Simon Kinberg
Directors: Dave Filoni

Now that is how you jam pack a 22-minute episode with awesome. Space battles, epic lightsaber duels, villains monologuing and the return of fan favorite characters. I can’t say enough about the incredibly coreographed duel between Kanan and the Inqusitor, may have to update their Top 10 Best Fights after this episode. The crew really dialed it up to 11 in this episode and the return of an adult Ahsoka Tano to the Star Wars universe gave a very satisfying conclusion to the first season of Rebels.



Ahsoka’s Return And The Questions It Raises:

Bail Organa and Darth Vader both returned in this episode in brief cameos but they were overshadowed by a former Padawan turned rebel leader, Ahsoka Tano.

We have long speculated that Ahsoka would be in the series at some point and we learned that this moment was coming before it aired but seeing a matured Ahsoka show up on-screen was a massive thrill for this fan.

Ahsoka is one of my favorite characters in all of Star Wars and definately my favorite creation of The Clone Wars. Her return answers one question (Who is Fulcrum?) but it leads to a number of other questions.

What we know:

  • Ahsoka is Fulcrum
  • Fulcrum gives missions, supplies and information to rebel cells including the crew of The Ghost
  • Ahsoka is very careful about guarding her identity
  • Ahsoka has built two new lightsabers
  • There are protocols in place regarding communication and coordination between rebel cells
  • Ahsoka is working with Bail Organa
  • Ahsoka will be working with Hera’s cell as well as Commander Sato and Phoenix Squadron in Season two.
  • Ahsoka has known about Kanan and Ezra but hasn’t intervened in their training.
  • Ahsoka didn’t know about Gal Trayvis’s true nature.

Of course this raises a number of questions regarding Ahsoka.

We know there were at least 12 more episodes of stories written featuring Ahsoka in The Clone Wars that were not finished and released. We also know that the Story Group considers these events to still have happened, the question is whether or not we will ever see the full details of these in some medium. This is truly an open question and Dave Filoni seems to suggest in a recent IGN interview that if we do see these tales it won’t be for a while because he wants us to imagine and speculate and will encourage this by small references and dialogue.

1) What is Ahsoka’s relationship to the Force?

This is a big question. At the end of season five of The Clone Wars, Ahsoka betrayed by the Jedi Council, her seemingly closest peer in Bariss Offee and the government of the Republic walked away from the Jedi Order. I have a hard time believing that Ahsoka’s rejection of the institution of the Jedi Order would have caused her to have negative feelings toward the Force itself, and the situation is probably most analogous to a person of faith leaving a particular religious sect.

The fact that Ahsoka builds a new set of lightsabers makes me think she continues practicing many of the traditions and trainings of the Jedi. It would be fascinating to learn if she builds her own personal code and beliefs and continues to deepen her connection to the Force after leaving the Order. I don’t think she would have like Kanan stopped using the Force and tried to get as far away from being a Jedi as possible.

2) Did she teach any apprentices?

Ahsoka has a knack for teaching, we have seen her teaching students at the Mandalore Academy as well as Jedi Younglings. We know that there are still children of the Force being born and growing up around the galaxy. We also know that some younger Jedi may have survived, through the existence of Kanan.  In the years between the Clone Wars and the events in Star Wars Rebels, did Ahsoka every train any of these individuals in the use of the Force? Partially training anyone in the Force can be dangerous, but at the same time Force users could be a tremendous asset to a fledgling rebellion.

3) What does Ahoska know about Vader?

Just how much does Ahsoka know? Presumably she hasn’t faced off with Vader yet, but she certainly seems to be a key information broker in the galaxy at this point, so she may know the truth or she may not. It would seem likely that she would at least know the events of the end of Revenge of the Sith from Yoda and Obi-Wan through the conduit of Bail Organa at the very least. She also probably could recognize small movements or fighting techniques in Vader that someone less familiar with Anakin may not notice. If she saw holovids of Vader she might be able to figure out the truth.

4) Is Ahsoka in contact with Yoda and Obi-Wan?

She seems to be in contact with Bail and if anyone has a way to contact the two Jedi Masters at this point it is probably Bail. Has Ahsoka been in communication with the two Masters-in-Exile? Are Yoda and Obi-Wan playing a larger role in helping push things behind the scenes than we thought.

5) Does Ahsoka know about Luke and Leia?

Does Auntie Ahsoka know about the twins? Until I started writing that question, I never knew I needed to have that answer, but now I do. I need it. Seriously.

6) What other Rebel Cells has Ahsoka encouraged/created?

It is a big galaxy out their and we are promised to see more of it in season two, the question becomes which other planets may have Rebel cells that Ahsoka is encouraging. Most likely candidates to me, Mandalore, Onderon, Naboo and Kashyyyk.

7) What are Ahsoka’s goals and motivations?

As someone who was directly harmed by the corruption of the Republic, I would be somewhat surprised if Ahsoka wanted that reestablished. Are her goals simply the removal of the Emperor and destruction of the Empire, or does she have a longer term vision of what should replace it in terms of galactic governance?

8) Does Ahsoka know that Palpatine is a Sith?

This question is easily answered depending on what contact or information Ahsoka had with Yoda, Obi-Wan and Bail after Order 66. This also interestingly sets Ahsoka up in a role as the opposite in some ways of Palpatine more than Vader in the current conflict. It also sets Ahsoka up as the inverted role that Palpatine played before the events of The Phantom Menace. Now the Dark Side is ascendant and the forces of the light side of the Force are working from the shadows to pull strings and gather strength to strike back.

9) Will Ahsoka survive this series?

Dave Filoni has talked about in the past that he wanted Ahsoka to survive the Clone Wars, whereas George Lucas imagined killing her off. Well since Dave is seemingly has a very strong voice in Ahsoka’s character now and he clearly won that debate with George, we have only delayed the question about Ahsoka’s fate. The old question was why did she not appear in Revenge of the Sith. With her new role as Fulcrum, the question has now become why does she not appear in A New Hope? Which leads me to my final question for now…

10) Will Ahsoka ever duel Vader?

Two titanic characters, tied together by shared history and the Force would seem to be on an inevitable collision course. The fact that one appears in the original trilogy and the other doesn’t would seem to suggest that we know how this is going to end. Of course we never see an Ahsoka Force Ghost in Return of the Jedi and there are ways to explain Ahsoka not appearing on-screen. Ahsoka versus Vader is one of those things that just seems to epic not to happen, but doing it and doing it well that honors both characters could be difficult.


4 thoughts on “Rebels Reflections #11: Star Wars Rebels Season Finale: 10 Questions About Ahsoka”

  1. I am STILL hoping Lupita Nyong’o is playing an old Ahsoka in The Force Awakens… they’re saying she’s an elderly blue alien named ‘Rose’ etc, but blue and orange are opposite colours and would be fairly easily switched in post production, and I believe Ahsoka has ascended to A-level character, her absence from the movies is one of the big missing links between the existing Star Wars eras, it’s a question that’s begging to be answered. Sure, casual viewers won’t know who she is, but they could explain her presence without going into all the details, she could just be a ‘trusted friend from the past’ or something. My personal fantasy about it is that the various forces in TFA converge on a desert planet – which, let’s face it, is probably Tatooine – to get their hands on the lightsaber that belonged to both Anakin and Luke Skywalker – an object that would hold special significance to Ahsoka, it being all she has left of her former friend 30 years after his death. If it IS Tatooine, then possibly she’s there to commune with the spirits of Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan too. She would be a guardian of a particularly powerful relic, if the rumours about Kylo Ren collecting Sith artefacts has any truth to it. And she could recognise Rey for a Skywalker (if Rey is indeed who we all think she is), and entrust her with the guardianship of the lightsaber, maybe going out in a big self-sacrifice or something to give the good guys time to get away. Casual viewers will just think it’s cool, fans of the TV shows will be heartbroken but thrilled to see her on the Big Screen, and maybe cheer as she goes out in a Crowning Moment of Awesome (to use TV Tropes speak).

    1. Further TFA and Rebels cross-over speculation along the same lines….

      If Rebels establishes that Ahsoka has lost her way, then she isn’t a possibility for the return of the Jedi, and Luke and Leia are still the last hope (Ezra and Kanan presumably having messed up or died or something – Yoda’s voice told Kanan in the secret temple that Ezra was HIS last chance – so I’m expecting something will go very wrong there). Then, Ahsoka is redeemed or brought back into the fold as one of Luke’s comrades in re-establishing the Jedi after RotJ, and old Ahsoka would be able to reveal all of this to Rey in person and possiby as a force ghost (if she’s been learning the path to immortality from Obi-Wan in the Tatooine wastelands) – Ahsoka could be Rey’s Ben, telling her all the backstory of Anakin’s fall and so on and perhaps guiding Luke as well in Episodes 8 and 9, and when Luke shuffles off this mortal coil too he could join Ahsoka as a force ghost watching over Rey. And BANG, Ahsoka is up there with Yoda and Obi-Wan in the movie Jedi pantheon. So I think it has good narrative potential, and makes great marketing sense too – what better way to get casual viewers watching Rebels than by presenting a character they haven’t seen before who has a long history in the saga and an important part in the Skywalker legacy?

    2. I think you’re right about Lupita being Ahsoka especially now that we know from Trailer #2 that Lupita’s character is most likely the orange character handing what is believed to be Rey the lightsaber. We also know Lupita’s character is CGI so perhaps she is an very aged Ahsoka who would be pushing 70-80 years old when Episode VII takes place. It all makes sense and I really want them to connect the old trilogies by using recognizable characters.

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