Paul's Rebels Review: Rebel Resolve

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“Rebel Resolve”

Directed by: Justin Ridge
Written by: Charles Murray & Henry Gilroy

The Rebels are desperate to save Kanan after he was captured during their previous mission.  They are attacking Imperial targets in an attempt to slice into the Imperial network for information on Kanan.

The episode opens on the streets of Lothal as an AT-DP walker and Stormtroopers march through the streets.  The Rebels attack the walker and incapacitate the pilots in a great action set piece, but the real highlight in the first few minutes is Kevin Kiner’s score.  Opening with music reminiscent of the battle on Hoth and then shifting into a dark and somber title theme.  Right away we can tell things have changed both in the show and on Lothal.

REB_IA_8012The plan is a good one and is executed well, but it’s for naught as the Imperial network is down after the destruction of the comm tower.  They are still no closer to finding Kanan and to make things worse, Fulcrum has ordered Hera to take them all into hiding as they are attracting a lot of attention from more than just the local Imperial forces.

This is our first time actually seeing Fulcrum, but alas they are hidden beneath a hood and we can’t see a face.  The voice is still distorted and we are not any closer to revealing the identity of the Rebel leader.  The hood appears to hang normally as it would over a human head, but it could easily be a false image being projected over the holonet.  It’s interesting to see Fulcrum revealed in a similar way to how we first met Darth Sidious, only now the roles have been reversed.  Now the heroes have to hide in the shadows.

Needless to say, Fulcrum and Hera’s orders do not go over well with the rest of the crew.  Ezra seems so much like Luke and Anakin here, impatient, not wanting to view the bigger picture or the larger forces at work.  Ezra has the brashness and arrogance of youth on his side as he takes it upon himself to steal the Phantom and make contact with Vizago.  I wonder how far ahead the creators planned this show and story arc.  Vizago being a Devaronian, Ezra appears to be quite literally making a pact with the Devil to get information on Kanan.  Hopefully if and when Lando comes back he can teach Ezra about gambling because Ezra is pretty terrible at negotiations and gives away their secrets with barely a fight.

The final plan is to replace a droid courier with Chopper and have him access the Imperial databases directly.  Chopper steals the show in the end, as he generally does.  Not only does he successfully infiltrate and download the Empire’s secrets but he also makes a daring escape out the airlock and shows what he is capable of.  In the end isn’t it always the droids who save the day?

The episode comes to a close as the Rebels finally find out where Kanan is and what is in planned for him.  He is scheduled for transfer to Mustafar, which is now known as the place where Jedi go to die.  There must be something special about Mustafar that we don’t yet know.  Maybe the Emperor gets a discount there.

I didn’t see much in the way of flaws here, except for the usual bumbling troopers of the Empire.  With the exception of Tarkin and the Inquisitor, the Empire does not appear to be much of a threatening presence.  Everyone involved in this episode steps up and delivers.  “Rebel Resolve” is a fantastic episode and an excellent build up to the finale.


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