Podcast Review: Season 1 Episode 11: Call to Action

call to actionWelcome to our podcast review and this time Pete, Andy, and Kale review Episode 11: Call to Action featuring the Grand Moff, bounty hunters, and much more!

Some topics include:

  • The parallels between Return of the Jedi and this episode of Rebels.  

  • Could bounty hunters be in the future of Star Wars Rebels? Boba Fett, Cad Bane, IG-88, and many more possibilities. 

  • Discuss the turning point of the series where the rebels are revealed to the public and the significance of this reveal.

  • Is the Inquisitor Tarkin’s lapdog?

  • The significance of the revival of the Bridger Transmissions and many more topics.

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Author: Andy Ury

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