Rebels Reflections #10: Cells, Factions, Tribes



Episode Micro-Review:

Episode Number: Season 1, Episode 11 (Production #114)
Episode Title: Vision of Hope
Writer: Greg Weisman and Simon Kinberg
Directors: Steward Lee

The lord of the Outer Rim, Grand Moff Tarkin makes his Star Wars Rebels debut in this weeks episode. Tarkin chews up scenery in his attempts to improve Imperial operations on Lothal and eliminate the rebel threat. While Tarkin seeks to snuff out the spark of these rebels, the crew of the Ghost embarks on a daring mission to spread the message of rebellion across Lothal and near-by star systems.

There was so much good stuff in this episode, Kanan’s sacrifice, Hera’s choice, Ezra assuming his parent’s role, and Tarkin acting decisively and mercilessly. But it was perhaps a throw away line from Tarkin that got my imagination racing.

Cells, Factions and Tribes:

“Cells, factions, tribe, call them what you will. They lack the one thing that will make them a credible threat to the Empire, unity!”

The political and cultural situations on planets across the galaxy varies, on a planet like Lothal we have a rebel cell develop. On other planets we may see larger factions of society rising up against the Empire, perhaps a faction of Mandalorians. While still on other worlds tribes or clans may be the central organizing point for rebellion, such as on Ryloth or Haruun Kal.

This could simply be a throw away line or it could be foreshadowing of season two as we see our rebels interact with and reach out to various cells, factions and tribes across the galaxy, likely to varying success.

Will we see Zeb discover a band of Lasat refugees and have to choose  between going with the last remnants of his people or staying with the crew?

Will we visit Mandalore and learn more about Sabine’s past?

Will we visit Bothawui or other planets from Legends?

I am excited to see what we have in store for season two and just how much our rebels galaxy will expand.


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