Rumor: Hondo Ohnaka to Appear in Star Wars Rebels

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Our friends in the Force at Big Shiny Robot and the Full of Sith podcast where on hand with Bryan Young moderating a panel at Salt Lake Comic Con’s FanXperience featuring Lucasfilm manager of digital content Matt Martin and voice actor Jim Cummings.

The audio of the panel is a little rough but that is to be expected with recording panels at conventions, you can listen to the entire panel here.

Young pulls out the choice quote from Cummings on the panel, “And I think I’m allowed to tell you I’m back,…He’ll be back, but we do them so far in advance I don’t know when. So you’ll just have to watch them all. I do anyway, so what the heck.”

The big news to come out of the panel is that Cumming is set to reprise his role as Weequay pirate chief Hondo Ohnaka in Star Wars Rebels. Cummings has already recorded but he doesn’t know when he will appear in the show. Most likely bet would be in season two as we know they have recorded that season and we are quickly running out of episodes in season one.

Ohnaka is interesting because he is one of the characters originally created for The Clone Wars and he may be one of the first The Clone Wars originals to appear in Rebels. Given his unresolved fate at the end of The Clone Wars it will be interesting to see how Ohnaka has adjusted to life under the Imperial rule of the galaxy.

One would think that prospective rebels would make potentially very good customers for Hondo.

I’ll leave you with one interesting thing to think about regarding Hondo and this era, does he still own Slave I?


SOURCE: Big Shiny Robot


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