Rebels Reflections #8: Idiot's Array: Space Bacon


Episode Micro-Review:

Episode Number: Season 1, Episode 9 (Production #112)
Episode Title: Idiot’s Array
Writer: Kevin Hopps
Directors: Steward Lee

The fellas aboard the Ghost get played by Lando Calrissian in more ways than one, hi-jinks ensue and did I mention the puffer pig. Aside from the heavily edited bit after Hera gave Lando what he deserved I think Billy Dee Williams did an admirable job returning to the role of Lando. I love the character and I totally geeked out that they included Sabacc in the series. Of course this episode did what most episodes have done in the series so far, give us a fun stand alone adventure but at the same time drop some larger mythological breadcrumbs for the future of the series.


It’s All Connected:

Puffer_pigConnecting the dots, we know the Imperials are mining Lothal, we know that the Imperials are also looking for the rare kyber and every rarer massive kyber crystals to weaponize. We also learned in the previous episode, “Path of the Jedi”  that there are Kyber crystals on Lothal. In this episode we see that Lando is smuggling a puffer pig to his recently acquired parcel of land on Lothal. According to Lando these creatures can each do the work of 12 mechanical mineral scanners which the Empire is banning to ensure it’s mining monopoly.

One of the few criticisms that is common to Rebels is that it can make the universe feel small with so much of the action being centered on Lothal. Now much of this is probably budgetary and time production constraints, i.e. the Lucasfilm team and it’s subcontractors only have so much time and resources and creating new planets and CGI environments each week is just to cost prohibitive.

It strikes me that what the writers behind the show are doing is a creative solution to this problem that also makes great storytelling sense.

The reason for a Jedi Temple being on Lothal, the reason for the Empire being there, and in turn the reason for our heroes to be drawn there is because this is a planet rich in the Force and in kyber crystals. I can very easily see the conclusion of the series be our heroes chase a shipment of the gigantic kyber crystals only to emerge from hyperspace face to face with the in construction Death Star leading to a mad rush to steal the plans, sabotage it and escape.

Of course this also means that I hope we see an X-Wing squadron named after a hero of the Rebellion, Puffer Pig Squadron.


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