New Rebels Episode Titles: Is Sabacc coming to Star Wars Rebels?

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Star Wars Insider #154 reveals the title and credits for the next two episodes of Star Wars Rebels which will begin airing on January 5, 2015.

It was previously announced that the eighth episode of season one would be called, “Path of the Jedi.” Insider reveals that the episode was written by Charles Murray and directed by Dave Filoni.


The ninth episode will be called “Idiot’s Array” and was written by Kevin Hopps and directed by Steward Lee. Presumably “Idiot’s Array”  will air on January 12th.

Idiot’s Array” is an Expanded Universe term for a hand in the in-universe card game of Sabacc. If we are going to see Lando in season one of Rebels this is the episode that I would put my credits on.

SOURCE: Jedi Bibliothek


5 thoughts on “New Rebels Episode Titles: Is Sabacc coming to Star Wars Rebels?”

    1. I think you guys are wrong about the name of the Eight and Ninth episode because i watch both of them. eight is call empire day and the ninth is gathering forces.

      1. Those were technically episodes 6 and 7. Spark of rebellion is not officialy considered the first episode droids in distress is episode number 1. SOR is the TV movie that started the series

      2. That is if you are mistakenly counting spark of rebellion.

        Spark of rebellion is a spécial episode cut in two, but not part of season 1.

        So SOR is episode 0, droids in distress is episode 1, fighter flight is episode 2, […] , empire day is episode 6, gathering forces is episode 7, path of the Jedi is episode 8 and idiot’s Arras is, indeed, episode 9.

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