After Gather Forces, Star Wars Rebels takes a holiday until January 5th


This week it was confirmed by Lucasfilm Empress of PR Tracy Cannobbio that Star Wars Rebels will be taking a break during the holiday season after the seventh episode, “Gathering Forces” airs on television on November 24th.


The series will return to the air on Disney XD on January 5th.

For reference Season 1 of The Clone Wars took a break from 12/12-1/2, Season 2 from 11/20-12/4 and 12/4-1/1, Season 3 from 11/19-12/3 and 12/3-1/7, Season 4 from 12/2-1/6, and Season 5 from 12/8-1/5.

So don’t panic Star Wars Rebels fans. Your crew will be back in the new year.

SOURCE: Twitter


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