It's Empire Day, Pretend You're Excited: Alex's Rebels Review (Spoilers)

Rebels Review BannerHappy Empire Day! Or is next week Empire Day, when Part 2 airs? Whatever. Either way, everyone in Lothal is half stoked, half scared to death as the entire planet and their 24 loyal occupants, five of which are on the Ghost crew, celebrate a wonderful holiday in which the Empire shows off its scary soldiers and scary new fighter ship. You know how armies do that, they have those parades to show off all of their state-of-the-art weapons? Yeah, it’s one of those.

Look, I don’t mean to take so many jabs at Rebels, but there is a strange suspension of disbelief involved with watching this show, and that’s saying something, considering we’re usually dealing with aliens, lightsabers, and the Force. I like the idea of Empire Day, but it comes off so cheap in this episode. It’s like a poor man’s Hunger Games, only I really don’t buy the idea that people are really that fascinated by the Empire. Everyone seems to hate it except those who are a part of it.

Nevertheless, the kicker in this episode is that we finally get some Jawa juice about Ezra’s past. I think most viewers, including me, were assuming his parents were killed by the Empire, but now we know that not only are they alive, but they had been working against the Empire, too. It makes me wonder why, if that was how Ezra was raised, he was so hesitant to join the Ghost crew’s cause. Maybe it was the abandonment; I hope that aspect gets explored, especially if Ezra’s parents turn out to be alive.

I also learned in this episode that I’m not very fond of Rodians; the grating robo-voice that ejects from their protruding mouth holes masterfully irritating. However, I think the Rodian in this episode was a nice stepping stone to learning more about Mr. and Mrs. Bridger.

The cliffhanger was painfully abrupt, but the Inquisitor’s presence and newly revealed piloting skills have me very excited for Monday’s new episode, after which I’ll write a longer, more proper review, as this was only half the story.


Author: Alex Ward

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