#WhoIsFulcrum Twitter Round-Up

In the recent Star Wars Rebels episode “Out of Darkness,” we found out that Hera has been in contact with a mysterious figure known only by the code name “Fulcrum.” With only a couple lines of dialogue, Rebels fans everywhere were forced to ask:

I don’t know about you, but I need to know who Fulcrum is right this very second. I don’t want to find out next week. I don’t want to find out at the season finale. I want to find out now. Rebels Report Jedi Master Pete Morrison started the hashtag #WhoIsFulcrum, and my timeline has been chock-full of Fulcrum theories, some crazy, some boring, but mostly wishful thinking (*cough* AHSOKA! *cough*).

Both Rebels Report audio editor Andy Ury and Johnamarie Macias from Making Star Wars, The Wookiee Gunner, and the awesome new podcast Rebels Chat did some audio manipulation on Fulcrum’s voice, and both believe Fulcrum could very well be female:

Knowing Star Wars’ history with female characters, that narrows down the list quite a bit (for the record, #WeSTILLWantLeia). Personally, I think it could go either way, so without further Naboo, here are some of the best Fulcrum theories out there. Feel free to join in the fun using the #WhoIsFulcrum hashtag, but not once he or she is revealed; then you should definitely stop (unless you don’t have the Disney XD App. Or cable. Or iTunes. Or Amazon Instant Video. Then I’m sorry).

@Hambledown_Road suggests everyone’s favorite Lasat slayer:

Radio Free Tatooine, a new podcast “that’s better than some, worse than others” but certainly doesn’t skimp on the Philip K. Dick references, suggests we listen to their show to hear their ideas:

Ah, thanks, Matt:

@JediKnightJosh suggests a familiar face:


Yeah, let’s go with Jar Jar:

How about everyone’s favorite clone? (Er, second favorite. Sorry, Boba.)

@Talionbot has plenty of ideas, but I’m personally thinking Gall “Trouble-Maker” Trayvis, too:

Wait, no, I like this idea better:


@Lauf_Horn’s great ears lead us to an excellent suggestion:


@EricCrisp proposes a minor character from the recent James Luceno novel Star Wars: Tarkin:

Lord of the Laser Sword’s Paul Dunahoo suggests an increasingly popular theory that our Fulcrum isn’t exactly a rebel saint:


Pete shows off his obscure Clone Wars knowledge:

Far Far Away Radio’s Andrew Lupi reveals the most likely option:

Fingers crossed for this one:

Another familiar rebel gets thrown out there:

He had me at “Snootles”:

I’m trying to let it sink, but it’s just… not… sinking…:


But at the end of the day, Andy says it best:


Author: Alex Ward

4 thoughts on “#WhoIsFulcrum Twitter Round-Up”

    1. Well… So… SPOILER ALERT!!! Fulcrum is… THE LAST SPOILER ALERT!!! Obanarliag. Just watch the newest episode “Gathering Forces” to know… Lol these theories were so crazy 😀 The answer is just obvious…

  1. I *love* this rampant speculation! The reveal is one of Star Wars’ most powerful axises. I immediately made the connection between the markings on the green crate and Ashoka’s face markings.

    Makingstarwars.net has a great post on this theory: http://makingstarwars.net/2014/11/clues-star-wars-rebels-fulcrum-classic-star-wars-clone-wars-character/

    I’m 99% sure that Fulcrum is either Ashoka or someone who is in league with her (stands to reason that Ashoka would create her own cell of Rebels after the Emperor’s ascension and that group would need a symbol to recognize one another.

    I would not be surprised if there is some sort of Cham Syndulla / Ashoka / Ryloth connection that put Hera and Ashoka into contact. Here’s hoping!

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