Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion Special Edition: Darth Vader Scene Analysis


It was a brief but memorable scene added to the ABC rebroadcast of Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion this Sunday at 7 p.m.

The scene lasts less than a minute, opening with a shot of space as we see two Star Destroyers parked next to each other and a third Star Destroyer moves into position between the two. This opening is very reminiscent from the scene from The Empire Strikes Back where the we see the Falcon being chased and almost cause three Star Destroyers to crash into each other.

The camera pans up the length of the central Star Destroyer and focuses in on the bridge of the capital ship. We see the large holographic visage dominating the frame and talking to the Inquisitor who we then see kneeling before the holoprojector table.


Vader: “The Jedi Knights are all but destroyed, and yet your task is not complete Inquisitor. The Emperor has foreseen a new threat rising against him, the Children of the Force. They must not become Jedi.”

Inquisitor: “Yes Lord Vader.”

Vader: “Hunt down this new enemy and if they will not serve the Empire, eliminate them along with any surviving Jedi who will train them. This is my Master’s command.”

Inquisitor: ” And so it will be done.”

There is a lot to unpack in these few sentences. Much of this is reaffirming or canonizing things that have been previously mentioned.


1. “The Jedi Knights are all but destroyed”

We know Obi-Wan, Yoda, and now Kanan have all survived Order 66 and the 14 years since the beginning of the Jedi purge. This is further confirmation that there really aren’t many Jedi left in the galaxy in spite of one being a main character in this new show.

2. “Yet your task is not compete Inquisitor”

This explains to the casual viewer the purpose of the Inquisitor. He is a being trained to hunt down and either defeat or convert surviving Jedi. This also shows that Vader is delegating the task of hunting down Jedi during the dark times.

3. The Emperor has foreseen a new threat rising against him”

This is interesting in the way it is phrased, the threat that Sidious perceives is not to the Empire generally but to him specifically. The Emperor’s view of himself and the Empire is an important feature of the new novel Tarkin due out in November.

4. “…the Children of the Force. They must not become Jedi.”

The phrase “the children of the Force” is a call back to the third episode of season two of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, titled “Children of the Force.” The plot of that episode was that Cade Bane was using a stolen Jedi Holocron to locate Force-sensitive children across the galaxy and kidnap them before the Jedi could get their hands on them. Once he kidnapped these children Bane brought them to Mustafar where Sidious had surgical droids caring for the children and preparing them for surgical implants to shape the children into his Dark Side foot soldiers. In the end Anakin and Ahsoka thwart his plan with these children.

Without the Jedi presumably these Force-sensitive children are still being born and raised across the galaxy but they are not being identified or recruited because what few Jedi are remaining have gone into hiding. It is possible that Palpatine continued his earlier attempts after Order 66, but it is a big galaxy and perhaps he did not have the time or resources to devote to the search for Force-Sensitive children across the galaxy. I suspect we will learn more about what has happened to this generation of potential Jedi during the series.

5. “Yes Lord Vader.”

This line by The Inquisitor is interesting because he does not refer to Vader as “master” at all during this scene. This is important because it show an honoring of the Rule of Two, it is also important because it does not appear that at least at this point that Vader has or is planning on training The Inquisitor as his own Sith Apprentice.

6. “Hunt down this new enemy and if they will not serve the Empire, eliminate them along with any surviving Jedi who will train them.”

It is interesting that there are two potential outcomes for these Force-sensitives, they can either join the Empire or die. This offer of the Dark Side is something that we will see come up again in the series in “Rise of the Old Masters.”

At the same time it doesn’t sound like they are offering the same chance to actual Jedi, perhaps they are simply viewed as to great a risk.

7. “This is my Master’s command.”

This is a direct reference to the Emperor as the source of authority. It is interesting that Vader simply didn’t order The Inquisitor around himself but instead invoked the Emperor. It is also interesting to note that Vader says “my” and not “ours” or “yours” clearly implying that the Inquisitor may serve the Empire but he is not part of the Sith power structure at the top of the Empire.

8. “And so it will be done.”

The final line from the Inquisitor before the end of the episode closes out the scene and shows us the Inquisitor not wasting his energy arguing with Vader, he accepts his assignment quietly.

All in all a pretty significant scene that plays into the end of Spark of Rebellion rebellion. Could we see Vader appear again in thee series? Seems likely.


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