Star Wars Rebels Episode Descriptions: "Rise of the Old Masters" and "Breaking Ranks"


We have received some interesting new descriptions for episodes of Rebels from our friends in Germany.

From Christophe at Star Wars Union we receive a description for “Rise of the Old Masters:”

105 – Rise of the Old Masters

Directed by Steven G. Lee, Steward Lee

The Rebels learn that old Jedi Master Luminara Unduli is being held captive in the Stittgen system. They get to her only to realize that they have fallen into a trap set by the Inquisitor, but working together they manage to escape by the skin of their teeth.

This description matches one we have seen for a Disney Press book called, The Inquisitor’s Trap which is due out in December. The description for the book reads:

When the rebels receive a secret broadcast, they discover that one of the great Jedi Masters is still alive—and a captive of the Empire! To save her, Kanan, Ezra, and their friends must break into her heavily guarded prison. Can they find the lost Jedi? Or will the Inquisitor find them first?

This episode will feature “The Spire” a prison that would have been introduced on the planet of Stygeon Prime in The Clone Wars. Unfortunately those episodes of The Clone Wars were never produced. They were however adapted into a comic book mini-series, Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir by Dark Horse Comics.

From Gamona we received a description for an episode they are calling “Breaking Rank.” All the episodes titles through “Rise of the Old Masters” were revealed in Star Wars Insider, but we do not have confirmation that “Breaking Ranks” will be the U.S. title for this episode.

Ezra undercover (BREAKING RANKS)

Send the rebels Ezra under a false name in the imperial academy to steal a decoder. There, the boy learns two new friends Zare and Jai know that belong to him to the best cadets. When Ezra hears, however, that the Emperor wants to get the best people to himself, he tries to escape with them from the Academy. When they are almost done, be Zare decides to stay in the academy, because that is the only way for him to find his missing sister.

This episode will feature Zare Leonis, a new Rebels character we have seen in the Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide by Adam Bray and who will be the focus of Jason Fry’s new tie-in young adult series Star Wars Rebels: Servants of the Empire.

It is interesting that The Inquisitor will specifically mention the events from “Rise of the Old Masters”  in the later episode “Breaking Ranks.” The folks behind Rebels have maintained that it is going to be released in chronological order unlike The Clone Wars and this reinforces that.

You can see clips from both episodes in the “A Look Ahead” teaser trailer:


SOURCES: Star Wars Union and Gamona


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