San Diego Comic-Con 2014: Rebels Cast and Crew Written Interview Round-up

The cast and crew of Star Wars Rebels made the media rounds at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 (SDCC). Below you will find a collection of published interviews with cast and crew members of the new show.

Movie Viral talked with Simon Kinberg:

Clone Wars a lot of bounty hunter characters on that show, can we maybe see more of them in this one?

Maybe. It’s a world that Dave and I love, and actually the crime world of Star Wars That is one of my favorite things about Star wars, the bounty hunters, and Jabba, what you don’t see in other science fiction movies, if in fact Star Wars is a science fiction movie, you don’t really see the underworld in science fiction movies. It is usually clean ships, and alien races, I just love that world. So I say that the answer is yes, we will see that.

Screen Crush sat down with Freddie Prinze Jr.:

So how did ‘Star Wars Rebels’ come about?

This was not an offer. This was like some secret thing called ‘The Wolf Pack.’ And I’m reading the dialogue and some kid stole my character’s sun sword. I’m like, “That’s from ‘Thundarr the Barbarian,’ man! Why are they ripping that s#*! off?” ‘Thundarr’ ripped off ‘Star Wars’! They had their own Wookiee! His name was Ookla.

Comic Vine got the whole gang together talking to Dave, Simon, Freddie, Steve, Vanessa, Tiya and Taylor:

COMIC VINE: Like you said, Star Wars has so many memorable characters, so what is it that the new Mandalorian, Sabine, and the Inquisitor will bring to the table to help them standout?

SK: As we built the show, one of the things that I loved so much about A New Hope is we met these characters who have really complex backstories and you felt like these people had a real history to them. We spent a lot of time building the backstories of the characters and you see evidence of that throughout the first season. The specifics of their stories are rich, interesting, complex stories that would differentiate them from any character. And certainly her attitude is different than any Mandalorian we’ve ever seen. She has a sparky, rebellious, fun side to her despite having a darker history.

Collider talked to Dave Filoni:

One of the new characters, Sabine, is a graffiti artist, which is something that feels very current. Have you found it challenging to keep the show fresh and relevant to new generation of fans while still pleasing the old ones?

FILONI: It is hard. We had done a rather aggressive, kind of artistic interpretation of Mandalore. They had some very modern art. We had some paintings based on Guernica and abstract, very cubist kind of things. It was Mandalorian Picasso. So she would have been affected by all of that artwork, but she’s expressing it in her way. So her tagging comes out of that and it comes out of the idea that in Rome there was a lot of graffiti. As things become more pressured in a culture people want to speak out. So she’s part of this subculture. She leaves her calling card. So it’s like a hidden language among the people. And I think kids enjoy that. It’s part of their world now.

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