Review: DK's Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide by Adam Bray


In  DK’s latest Star Wars book,  Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide, author Adam Bray gives fans a preview of the characters, weapons, vehicles, locations and creation of the new animated series Star Wars Rebels.

The 127 page book is Bray’s second foray into Star Wars, he also wrote DK Adventures: Star Wars: What Makes A Monster?

The Visual Guide is a very well designed hardcover book. Large images and text boxes feature throughout the book. Each entry receives a nice two page spread giving vital statistics as well as background and information about how it fits into the series.

The book has a little bit for everyone. I think the bold imagery will really appear to younger fans, while their is enough hard data and information woven in to keep the attention of adult fans as well. Included at the end of a book is also a nice behind the scenes section with interviews with members of the cast and crew.

This book will be a boon for cosplayers as it has great images of weapons and costumes as well as measurements of characters and weapons.

For continuity followers this book will be a useful reference source as we orient ourselves and move forward with the new canon.

I really enjoyed this book, it isn’t as info dense as some of Del Rey’s guide books, but that is not the intent. This Visual Guide is a treat for the eyes with enough meat on the bones to leave even a hardcore adult Star Wars fan like me satisfied.

Editor’s Note: A review copy of the book was provided by DK. 



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