Disney Parks Videos Reveal Two New Star Wars Rebels Clips


On June 4th Disney Parks released two videos on Youtube showing the scene at Disney Star Wars Weekends this year. At the end of each video was clips that are expansions on scenes that we saw in the Rebels trailer.

In the “Join the Rebellion” video we see a scene just after Kanan pulls out his lightsaber and the Imperials start shooting at him. We see Kanan, Sabine, and Zeb covering the escape of a whole bunch of Wookiees into a shipping container. Then Hera zooms in with the Ghost and picks up the container and zooms off.

In the “Meet Chopper” video we see Sabine and Chopper in the control room sabotaging a ship and then we see the zero-g hallway scene but this time it shows Agent Kallus in the scene as well. We see the control room blow up after the sabotage and then our heroes barrel their way through Kallus and the stormtroopers to make their escape.


SOURCE: Disney Parks on Youtube


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