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Our friend Johnamarie Macias of and was in attendance at Book Con in New York City on Saturday May 31st and was able to get some great information and images about Star Wars Rebels tie-in materials.

From Studio Fun Books (owned by Reader’s Digest) we have a new in-universe book coming, a journal that is written by Rebels main character Ezra Bridger. Star Wars Rebels: Rebel Journal by Ezra Bridger is due out October 7, 2014 for $9.99. The book is intended for children ages 6-10.

One caution when viewing these images are that the book on display at Book Con is a prototype and subject to change when the final version of the book is released.

Book Catalog Copy
Book Catalog Copy

From the marketing copy we again see mention of Rebels premiering in October of 2014. We still haven’t seen an exact date but I would expect that announcement to be made in July at San Diego Comic-Con. We also get an indication that the way that Ezra’s Force sensitivity manifests itself is through “amazing reflexes.

Front Cover


Inside Cover
Inside Cover
Title Page
Title Page
First Page
First Page

“Tuesday: Went into Capital City to trade. In the center of the market was a stage where an Imperial officer was recruiting new Stormtroopers. He said they were PROTECTORS. NOBLE. PROUD. SMART. STRONG.”


“So I pulled the plug on the speakers and knocked over the sign-up table. Everyone cheered. I got away with this poster.”



To me it is interesting that Ezra claims “everyone cheered” his actions at the recruiting event. I think he may be a bit biased.

Second Page
Second Page

“Ezra the Empire Slayer,” “GOT EM,” “GOT `EM!”

“Friday: Decided to go to Central City, the small town where I once traded some weapons for AMAZING bread and food. Depressing. Four farms along the way destroyed. Grasslands getting ruined as the Empire keeps building new mines. Patrols everywhere, I nearly got caught. I had to roll in pig mud so no one would bother me. Stormtroopers patrolling the streets in -Central City? It’s just a little country town. I’ll be back – with my slingshot.”


From this sketch and the concept art we have seen it appears that Ezra may be living in some sort of abandoned communications tower. Whether he actually shot down the TIE fighter like he shows in the sketch or just imagines he did is another matter. It is a nice little shout out to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The way Ezra characterizes Central City indicates that before the Empire arrived Lothal was an agrarian economy and that occupation has hurt this economy as well as creating environmental damage and a shortage of food for the population. The mining is also something we have seen glimpses of in concept art and likely is to harvest resources (ore) for Sienar Fleet Systems starship production.


Third Page
Third Page

“Thursday: Windstorm outside. Stuck in the comm tower. Bored. Thinking. Dreaming. Lothal with no Empire.”

“Ezra Ezra”

“Free to go. Free to do. Free to be free.”

“Join the IMPERIAL ARMY? Are you serious? ME????? I have too much fun bothering them. NEVER. NEVER.”


Even before meeting the crew of the Ghost, Ezra is very radicalized against the Empire. Did the Empire coming to Lothal cause the death of his parents? Or is he simply a deeply empathic Force-sensitive young man who sees the suffering around him?

Fourth Page
Fourth Page

“Thinking about Stormtrooper gear. Makes no sense. Heavy helmet has limited vision. Heavy suit makes running hard. Not much protection – I’ve knocked out at least 50 100 200 of them.”

“What helmet does – filters air, good communications, vision enhancement, skull protection, creates fear. FIND WAYS TO COUNTER THOSE.”

“MONDAY: Found Star Destroyer repair manual in black market. Studying to understand power source. How do they recharge power supply so fast?”

Ezra is showing some impressive strategic thinking on this page. He is looking for ways to counter the two biggest aspects of Imperial power on Lothal, the muscle of the Stormtroopers on the ground and the might of the Star Destroyers in space.

Again we see some youthful boasting that no doubts exaggerates Ezra’s actual accomplishments. This is one cocky kid.



Back Cover
Back Cover

“Star Wars has a new hero:

Meet Ezra Bridger, 14, thief, orphan, charmer, resident of a sparsely populated planet on the galaxy’s Outer Rim. He is about to change the universe. As the central character of the all-new Star Wars Rebels series, millions of children and adults will soon want to know all about Ezra, as much as they wanted to know Luke Skywalker. Now they can – firsthand!


  • My Journal by Ezra Bridger is an exact replica of his personal hand-written journal
  • Covers his life up to the moment he joins the rebels. (Episode 2)
  • Includes fascinating new insights into the Star Wars Rebels world.
  • Funny, creative, and bold-just like Ezra!
  • First in a series of “replica” publications from the actual Star Wars universe from Studio Fun International”



This copy reiterates that Lothal is an Outer Rim planet, we learn further that it is a planet that is sparsely populated. In all likelihood, whatever valuable mineral resources are there are either unknown or unable to be harvested by the local population.

We learn that Ezra will not be joining the rebels in the first episode of the series but in the second episode.

We also learn that Studio Fun will be producing a series of these books. These books appear to be similar to the Jedi PathBook of Sith, and The Bounty Hunter Code books published by 47North, except they are targeted at a younger audience and do not include the fancy extras.

While this book definately isn’t intend for adults, I think it is a cool and affordable title that kids will really enjoy.

SOURCE: Johnamarie Macias @BlueJaigEyes

About the author: You can follow Pete on Twitter @PeteMorrisonLR


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