Simon Kinberg on Star Wars Rebels: Season Length and OT 'Legacy' Characters


Simon Kinberg recently sat down with Collider’s Matt Goldberg during a press event for X-Men: Days of Future Past and the Force was with Matt as he got Simon to discuss Star Wars Rebels.

Simon revealed:

  • Star Wars Rebels will be 16 episodes per season.
  • Simon wrote the 2-part hour-long season premiere and also wrote the season finale.
  • Simon is the co-creator of Star Wars Rebels with Dave Filoni and Executive Producer with Filoni and Greg Weisman
  • Season One finale is currently in production it will be a one episode finale.
  • He reads scripts, edits and gives notes on early cuts of episodes
  • When specifically asked about writing dialogue for Lando, he deflects and says it is a thrill to write for “Legacy” characers, i.e. characters from the original films.

Great stuff by Simon regarding Star Wars Rebels. Stay tuned to Rebels Report for the latest news from the series.

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