Did Billy Dee Williams Drop Another Star Wars Rebels Hint?

Thanks to our friends at Far Far Away Radio, we have received word that Billy Dee Williams may have dropped another hint that he is in fact voicing Lando Calrissian again.

In an article on the Denver Post revealed today, Billy Dee Williams was the guest for the final Q&A session at Denver’s StarFest this year and revealed some tidbits about a project he’s done as the most dashing man in the galaxy that he can’t talk about. 

“I’ve done some other stuff with Lando. There’s one coming out I can’t discuss at this point,” he said. “You know people say to me, ‘Do you always want people to recognize you as Lando?’ They recognize me through the other characters that I’ve done throughout the years too, but Lando is something very special to me and I don’t want anybody else to do his voice. I always have to do his voice. Nobody else could have done Lando, being very honest with you. Nobody. Nobody understands charm the way I do.”

This does come just a couple days after the Star Wars Insider Facebook page casually let slip that they were excited to see Lando returning to the galaxy far far away in a post about Star Wars Rebels (that has since been deleted funny enough). Anyone who is anybody is fully aware Lando wasn’t in the initial casting list for Star Wars Episode VII but there is no reason why a young Lando can’t be in Star Wars Rebels flying the Millennium Falcon. 

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Back in November Billy Dee’s agent let slip that he is working on a project titled “Rebels” for Netflix but they may have been referring to another project where Billy Dee plays a coach on the series pilot of The Rebels


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