Star Wars Rebels Original Novel #1 Finished and Submitted to Publisher


Disney Press will be releasing a plethora of books to tie in to the new animated series, Star Wars Rebels. While most of these books will be adaptations of episodes of the show there will also be a series of original novels. The first of these Star Wars Rebels Original Novels is being written by Jason C. Fry author of The Jupiter Pirates series and numerous Star Wars projects.

Jason recently shared on social media that he has completed revisions on the manuscript for this novel and submitted it to the publisher.

Twitter: @Jasoncfry

Tumblr: Jason Fry’s Dorkery

Things done today:
1) One manuscript (Star Wars) given a final inspection and sent off. It’s never wise to say something’s done, but this one should now move to the “fielding occasional queries” stage…
3) One query answered for a third project (Star Wars), and a handful of minor changes requested. Fingers crossed, but this one might actually be done.
4) Query sent for a potential project (Star Wars). Will be interesting to see if this one becomes a reality or not. As projects come to an end, you better have new ones coming into view…

We look forward to reading Jason’s new book and having him on the podcast again to discuss it. Stay tuned to @RebelsReport for all the latest breaking Star Wars Rebels news.

SOURCES: Twitter and Tumblr


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