Sabine Is Not Kryze: Dave Filoni Debunks Fan Speculation


IGN TV‘s Executive Editor Eric Goldman has consistently provided the most in-depth and informative interviews with Star Wars: The Clone Wars Supervising Director Dave Filoni. On Tuesday IGN released a new interview with Filoni talking about the recently released Season Six of The Clone Wars, subtitled “The Lost Missions.”

It is a terrific interview for The Clone Wars fans to read, but at the end Eric is able to sneak in a Star Wars Rebels question that clarifies and debunks speculation regarding the character of Sabine. The idea of a female Mandalorian named Sabine just seemed to close for there to be no connection with Satine, alas there isn’t going to be a connection.

GN: Okay, I’m going to end with a specific Rebels question, and then obviously, we’ll be talking much more about that down the line. So now you’ve got the main characters announced, and there’s a Mandalorian girl, and her name is Sabine. We knew a Mandalorian named Satine, and she tragically died, but she has a sister, Bo-Katan, as we discovered.

Filoni: That’s right.

IGN: Any extrapolation I might be making with that? [Laughs]

Filoni: I know you would love that so dearly. So many people would, but there really isn’t any correlation. I mean, maybe I shouldn’t debunk that stuff now, but I would hate for someone to have months of getting their hopes up and then be mad at me when things don’t work out the way that they’ve been imagining it for months. But there really isn’t a connection between Satine and Sabine. I found it amusing at the time when Simon [Kinberg], Greg [Weisman] and I were naming these characters. I was like, “Wow, Sabine… huh. I have a character that’s named like that already!” So I kind of laughed at that, but it was good name, and we thought it fit the character, so we went with it. Then Pablo Hidalgo and I are always the ones that are like, “Aw, Clone Wars fans are going to think there’s some relation here,” but that’s good. It’s always good to wonder about what the connections are.

I’ve said it before, knowing that I worked on this show Clone Wars for a decade almost, it would be crazy to imagine I did another series and it was completely devoid of any connectivity whatsoever. I mean, we’re pretty much happening after the last story I did anyway. While not a day or a month after it, it is sequentially ahead of what I just finished. So it’s kind of a lucky thing because I have a perspective having created Clone Wars of knowing the history that the young people in Star Wars Rebels may or may not actually know and how much they know. It’s provided an insight into how we write those characters, because what did the Clone Wars mean when you get out into the bigger galaxy, now that we’re not dealing with, in particular the Republic or Separatists anymore, but an Empire and a band of Rebels? So it’s exciting, I have to say. To see Stormtroopers every day now is exciting. They’re so similar to Clones, but they’re just different. They’re the icons. Seeing a TIE Fighter is the icon. It’s exciting to see those things alive again. I’ve seen them in other media, but this is a story in animated form, just like Clone Wars was. It’s kind of like a legacy thing now in Star Wars, so it’s exciting to be a part of this.

You can follow Eric Goldman on Twitter @EricIGN and you can hear our reaction to this news along with other discussion about Sabine on our next podcast episode a character focus on Sabine releasing soon.



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  1. He said there’s no relation to Satine, but he never explicitly said there’s no relation to Bo-Katan. So I’m still going to have hope!

    Come on Dave, don’t let us down!

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