This is Madness 2014: The Star Wars Character Tournament


Lucasfilm decided to have a little bit of fun last year and capitalize on the NCAA March Madness bracket phenomenon to celebrate some of the most popular characters in the Star Wars franchise by creating their own character tournament. Fans were able to vote on-line in head to head matchups arrainged in a bracket and the winner from last year ended up being Jedi Master Yoda.

The Is Madness returns for 2014 with a new look and a partnership between and the fan site Star Wars Fanpedia. Unfortunately since Star Wars Rebels  has not yet aired there are not any characters from the show in the bracket, so save those #TeamSabine, #TeamHera, #TeamChopper, #TeamEzra, #TeamZeb, #TeamKanan, and #TeamInquisitor hashtags for the 2015 bracket.

Currently there are four Attack of the Play-In matchups goings on to determine the final four entrants into the tournament. In the Rebels Play-In C-3PO, Wedge, Mon Mothma and Porkins face off. In the Jedi Play-In Ahsoka, Qui-Gon, Mace, and Kit duel for dominance. In the Empire & Separatist club it is Admiral Piett, Nute Gunray, General Veers, and Wat Tambor battling. Finally in the  Bounty Hunters Play-In Bossk, Greedo, IG-88, and Dengar are fighting tooth and claw.

You have until March 17th to fill out a bracket at Star Wars Fanpedia for the chance to win some great prizes by Sideshow Collectibles. You can currently go to to vote in the four Play-In match-ups.

Official Press Release:

Last year’s bracketed showdown to decide the most popular character in a galaxy far, far away – as voted by fans – is back! This Is Madness: The Star Wars Character Tournament 2014 is fully armed and operational, with many special modifications. Upgrades to this year’s saga-spanning online event include:
– Real-time voting results

– New divisions: Rebels, Jedi, Scoundrels, Republic, Empire & Separatists, Sith, Bounty Hunters, and Underworld

– “Attack of the Play-Ins” round, allowing four wild cards to enter the main tournament

– Social sharing functionality

Also, is collaborating with Wikia’s Star Wars Fanpedia for “Predict the Madness.” Fans will be able to submit a predictive bracket for how they envision the tournament playing out and share it with friends. These brackets will live at Once the submission period is locked (Deadline is Monday, March 17, 9:00 am PT) and voting begins on, fans can return to their brackets on Star Wars Fanpedia to track their progress. At the end of the tournament, users with the best bracket have the opportunity to win a range of Star Wars prizes.

Play-in round begins 3/11. Full tournament begins 3/17


Lightside Bracket:


Darkside Bracket:



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