Listen to us on Star Wars Bookworms Episode #20


Andy and I had the pleasure of being guests on Star Wars Bookworms most recent episode (#20). For those who are unfamiliar with that podcast it is co-hosted by Aaron Goins and Teresa Delgado and covers the books and comics of the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

In Episode #20 we talked to Aaron and Teresa about the six heroes of Star Wars Rebels and about characters from the Expanded Universe that they have similarities to.

Give it a listen but don’t forget that we will have our own in-depth discussion of the characters of Zeb, Sabine and Hera coming soon as well on Rebels Report.

You can find Star Wars Bookworms on iTunes, on the web, on Facebook and on Twitter @SWBookworms

You can follow me on Twitter at @PeteMorrisonLR or Andy and I at @RebelsReport.


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