Star Wars Rebels Video Round-Up: 12 Videos From Teasers to Behind-the-scenes

ignite67Given the flood of Star Wars Rebels news in recent weeks it is possible that a video or two may have slipped past your sensors. Have no fear, the crew at Rebels Report is here to make you the most well-informed Star Wars Rebels fan you can be.

Feast your eyes on 12 Star Wars Rebels videos ranging from teasers, to character profiles, to behind-the-scenes looks at the show.

1) Star Wars Rebels Teaser Trailer

2) Star Wars Rebels: The Empire Returns

3) Star Wars Rebels: Meet Greg Weisman, Executive Producer

4) Star Wars Rebels: Meet Simon Kinberg, Executive Producer

5) Star Wars Rebels: Meet Chopper, Grumpy Astromech

6) Star Wars Rebels: Meet Kanan, the Cowboy Jedi

7) Star Wars Rebels: Meet Ezra, the Street-Smart Hero

8) Star Wars Rebels: “Ignite” Teaser

9) Star Wars Rebels: “Spark” Teaser

10) Star Wars Rebels: Meet Zeb, the Muscle

11) Star Wars Rebels: Meet Sabine, the Explosive Artist

12) Star Wars Rebels: Meet Hera, the Pilot


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