Meet Hera: The Pilot of The Ghost and Heart of the Crew


The final crew member of The Ghost was announced today, the captain and pilot of the ship Hera. While the official announcement gives no mention of her last name, leaked LEGO box art has revealed that her name is Hera Syndulla. She shares the same last name with Twi’lek freedom fighter Cham Syndulla who was seen in The Clone Wars series.

In Star Wars: Rebels, The Ghost is Hera’s ship and as the show develops it seems likely we will get the reveal of why she named it that. (Hint: Go watch The Ryloth Trilogy of episodes of The Clone Wars and see which group of Clones helps liberate the planet).

Hera will be voiced by veteran voice actress Vanessa Marshall and the Star Wars: Rebels cast is currently hard at work recording voice work for Season One of the show.


Lucasfilm Press Release:

Hera is the heart of the Ghost crew from Star Wars Rebels. The Twi’lek is an ace pilot, able fighter, and is revealed to fans in this behind-the-scenes video featuring creator interviews, character sketches, and animation previews.

Hera is voiced by Vanessa Marshall, and is an especially gifted pilot. “I think she really makes flying the Ghost look easy,” says Joel Aron, CG supervisor. And while she’s strong-willed, Hera also keeps the group together, and can be warm and nurturing. “She knows how to talk to them to get the best out of themselves and to be part of that team,” Aron says. “That to me is the commander of a ship.”

Hera wears “utilitarian flight gear,” orange in color, with her Twi’lek head-tails hanging down her back. She’s not particularly glamorous, and is just focused on getting the job done. Like every member of the Ghost team, she has her reasons for rebelling against the Empire. Uncovering those reasons will be part of the Star Wars Rebels story, says executive producer Dave Filoni.

“Every time we get a script,” says Marshall, “I am breathless with anticipation. I cannot wait to read what’s next because I want to see where we’re going, too.”

‘Meet Hera’ Video:


Look for more coverage an analysis of Hera and the rest of the cast of Star Wars Rebels in the coming days and on episodes of the Rebels Report podcast.

Source: Lucasfilm



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