Meet Sabine the Mandalorian Weapons Expert and Artist


Well cyar’tomade we recieved another kandosii’la dinui from Lucasfilm today with the introduction of Sabine, the latest hero from Star Wars Rebels to be revealed.

In an article and introductory video released exclusively to The Hollywood Reporter, the crew of Star Wars Rebels and the voice actress who plays Sabine, Tiya Sircar introduce us to this rather colorful addition to the Star Wars galaxy.

Who is Sabine? She is a Mandalorian, and is described as “sassy,” “spunky,” “feisty” and has “a little bit of attitude.” She has an expert’s knowledge of weapons and arms, with an affinity for blowing things up. “She does it with flair,” Sircar says of Sabine, who also moonlights as a graffiti artist.

“She’s definitely one who’s turned against the Empire and that’s going to be to the Rebels’ benefit,” as executive producer Dave Filoni hints in the behind-the-scenes featurette above. As Joel Aron, CG supervisor of lighting and FX, says, “She’s adding something that we haven’t really seen before in the Star Wars universe. You have a character that is expressively creative through art — whether it’s the color of her hair or what she’s done to her armor.”

The official Lucasfilm Press Release:

Meet Sabine, the Explosive Artist

 Sabine is a key member of the Ghost crew in Star Wars Rebels. As seen in this special video, featuring early design concepts, animation tests, and final art, Sabine is unlike any Star Wars character – especially in her love for blowing things up and tagging her work with graffiti.

Dave Filoni, executive producer of the animated series, discloses that Sabine is a Mandalorian. She has a great understanding of weapons and combat like few others, and has turned against the Empire. “She is spunky, she’s feisty, she’s got a little bit of attitude,” says actress Tiya Sircar, who is voicing the character. Additionally, Sabine is an artist, which is reflected in her hair, personalized armor, and graffiti calling cards. After the Ghost crew hits the Empire, Sabine makes sure the Empire knows who did it. Concept artist Amy Beth Christenson says that the Star Wars Rebels animation team has created a library of graffiti tags for Sabine, and is constantly adding to it.

In the end, Sabine is a strong, no-nonsense heroine. As Sircar says, “I think she’s kind of an inspiration.”

The inclusion of a Mandalorian character has me very excited. The name evokes some connection to the assassinated Duchess Satine Kryze. It appears that Sabine also may be a fan of, or is connected to the bounty hunters Cad Bane and Embo in some way.

She features a pair of modified Westar-35 blaster pistols and a spay-gun for her graffiti artwork. Her minimalist Mandalorian armor appears to feature a helmet based on the Night Owls design, she has some unique adornments to her armor: a checkerboard patter on her right shoulder plate, a anooba on her left shoulder plate, and the Rebels ‘phoenix’ symbol on her left breast plate.

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SOURCE: THR and Lucasfilm


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