Star Wars Rebels LEGO sets and Kanan Action Figure Revealed!


Our friends from Yak Face spotted another Star Wars Rebels reveal from USAToday and this time it was official shots of the packaging for the LEGO sets and first look at the Kanan action figure.

There are two announced LEGO sets, both originally revealed at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, and these sets are to be released August 1st, 2014. You can see fantastic HD shots of the sets via Groove Bricks.


“The Ghost” set ($89.99) has 929 pieces and features the Ghost and its heroes, including the cowboy Jedi Kanan Jarrus, Twi’lek crew member Hera Syndulla and alien Zeb Orrelios, plus an Imperial Stormtrooper. Fans of the Millennium Falcon will dig the Ghost and its dual cockpits, rotating turret, ejecting space pods and a pair of spring-loaded shooters.


And with 234 pieces, the “Phantom” set ($24.99) contains the Phantom ship — with folding wings and a detachable cockpit — that can be combined with the LEGO Ghost as well as mini-figs of cadet pilot Ezra Bridger and the grouchy astromech droid Chopper.

 A couple things to note, the bottom of the two shots of the LEGO packaging are cropped out in the original USAToday reveal possibly to hide the names of the characters. However, the article specifically named the characters so why crop out official photos doesn’t make any sense.
Also, Zeb’s last name is spelt as Orrelios in this USAToday article when we have previously been calling it Orretios after a Jedi News article showed HD photos of the LEGO minifigs.

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