LEGO Star Wars Rebels: Close Up Of Preliminary Mini-Figures Via Jedi News

Jedi News may have the best sources on either side of the pond. They have a high quality image of the preliminary mini-figures that will be coming with the Star Wars Rebels: The Ghost LEGO set.


Zeb Orretios:

To me Zeb looks almost exactly like the early concept art for Chewbacca by Ralph McQuarrie.


In one of the early Rebels behind-the-scenes videos we saw a blaster rifle being developed that may be the long weapon that Zeb appears to be holding. rv38

If they stick with a species developed in the Expanded Universe, then Zeb Orretios may be a Lasat from the planet Lasan. West End Games which held the Star Wars RPG license for a number of years developed a character named Puggles Trodd who was a Lasat bounty hunter who appeared in the 1988 WEG book Tatooine Manhunt by Bill Slavicsek and Daniel Greenberg.

Hera Syndulla:

The name Syndulla could be a conincidence but I highly doubt that. It seems that the female Twi’lek will be the captain/pilot of The Ghost. She also appears to be related to Cham Syndulla, a character created on The Clone Wars series and a freedom fighter on the planet Ryloth. Cham Syndulla featured heavily in the Season 1 story arc “Storm of Ryloth,” “Innocents of Ryloth,” and “Liberty on Ryloth.”


In those Ryloth arc episodes Cham is shown holding a little girl who is not identified. The girl is also seen at the very end of the episode in the parade celebrating the Twi’lek’s victory.  The character on The Clone Wars has different coloration than the LEGO mini-figure but that could simply be LEGO using a previously existing Twi’lek head as a placeholder.

Kanan Jarrus:

Kanan Jarrus appears to be a totally new Jedi character created for the show. We have little to no information on him except that he has a lightsaber. Is he a Jedi Master, a Jedi Knight, a Padawan? If he is of the same generation as the rest of the main characters it could be possible that he was a Padawan in the closing days of the Clone Wars who’s master may have been killed during Order 66. It seems likely that Jarrus is the person being sought by The Inquisitor as the show begins. It also is possible that Jarrus is the person that posses the Holocron we have seen in concept art and storyboards for the show.


It is possible that Jarrus is the figure shown in the bottom gun turret on the LEGO Ghost set.


Not much of note about the Stormtrooper mini-figure, other than the fact that he has a rather large rifle. I would bet he is included simply for the play factor of having someone to shoot at the other characters or have them to shoot at.

 Thanks to Jedi News for posting the best image we’ve had yet of these LEGO mini-figures. One note of caution is that there may be some design changes before the final set is released in Summer 2014.

SOURCE: Jedi News


4 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars Rebels: Close Up Of Preliminary Mini-Figures Via Jedi News”

  1. Firstly, thank you so much! This post is perhaps the most insightful and ‘on the money’ that I’ve read so far. I totally agree with you that Zeb is most likely a Lasat. I’ve been seeing a lot of sites, posts, & people conflating Zeb with Ezra Bridger and I’m 99% positive these are different characters; as Ezra is a human and, I believe, a pilot who defects from the Empire Pilot Academy to join the rebels.
    Also, I’m very very happy to see the line of Syndulla continue onwards into this next animated series. Cham was one of my favorite characters from Clone Wars and I hope the new character is his daughter.

    Kanan Jarrus is probably the most interesting new character to me. His back story will be very interesting to learn about (my money is on him being a youngling during Clone Wars, making him like 20-21 for Rebels)!

    At any rate, you’ve made a new fan today! Great site!

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