Meet Chopper: The First Hero Character Confirmed for Star Wars Rebels


Astromech droids are the Swiss Army knives of the Star Wars universe and thanks to the characterization of R2-D2 they are also some of the most colorful and interesting droid characters in the galaxy.

It is little surprise that Star Wars Rebels will feature an astromech significantly in its cast of hero characters.  The German website received the exclusive premiere of the Lucasfilm video announcing Chopper. The video is in English with German subtitles.

I was impressed with the aesthetics of the Chopper’s design. Chopper looks like a salvaged car that has different colored doors, fenders and quarter-panels.

I got a real kick out of the description that Dave Filoni, Kilian Plunkett, Keith Kellogg and Amy Beth Christenson gave of the droid.


Dave Filoni:

“What can I say about Chopper? He’s grumpy. He is a little rickety astromech droid made up of a bunch of spare parts because our rebels can’t even afford the nice new parts. He likes to do things the way he wants, not necessarily the way the crew wants or as fast as the crew would like, but he gets the job done. He is incredibly loyal.”

“The easiest way to sum up Chopper that we took to in the writing team is that if R2 is your favorite dog, Chopper is a cat.”


Kilian Plunkett:

“He is extremely beligirent, and just sort of very rude. He’s really only useful if it seems to suit him.”

“I think the biggest difference between Chopper and R2 is that R2 actually cares whether or not you like him.  Whereas Chopper doesn’t care at all. Half the time he doesn’t even do what he is asked to do, he just decides to go off and do something else. It’s like he was never trained or programmed, or in any way schooled at all. He just has no manners.”

“He always sounds cantankerous. I guess ultimately he still means well. It’s just sometimes it’s hard to tell.”

Keith Kellogg:

“He’s not super thrilled to be doing certain things. He doesn’t like to be told what to do.”

“We’ve never really had the opportunity to do a droid like that, that just is kind of a little more dismissive of people. You’ll hear all kind of little remarks that he makes and gruff kind of sounds.”

“That’s part of his strength is that he is so old, that he now does things in a way that’s almost simpler and more effective than the newfangled ones are. ”

“I think people are going to enjoy Chopper, mainly because he keeps saving the day and people sort of forget the huge mess  he made earlier.”


Amy Beth Christenson:

 “He’s always just grumbling about stuff. He never cheerful, does not have a sunny disposition.”

“He’s built from all these different parts. There is not one part of him that is original.

From the brief images and animated clips we have seen of Chopper it appears he has three arm attachment’s two on his dome and one in his main body. He also features a central wheel for rapid rolling as well as a central rocket for flight. Additionally he has a periscope. What other surprises does this droid have besides an attitude? Tune in to Star Wars Rebels and find out.

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