LEGO Star Wars Rebels Ghost and Phantom Set Preliminary Images Leaked


Preliminary images have surfaced from LEGO’s product catalog which show us the two ships that will be the first LEGO Star Wars Rebels line toys. The Ghost, set number: 75053 and Phantom, set number: 75048.

Rumor of these sets broke at the beginning of this month, some fans have been able to see them at the recent London Toy Fair and more will no doubt see them at the upcoming New York Toy Fair.

YouTube user Lego Leaks Mexico has post a number of videos showing images of upcoming LEGO products. Among these videos are one for The Ghost and one for Phantom.

The Ghost:

Rumored Mini-figures: Ezra Bridger, Kannan Jarrus, Hera Syndulla, and a Stormtrooper


Ezra (or Zeb) and the R1 astromech mini-figures.

Twitter user @12MG12 pointed us to these videos as well as the message board where a poster claims to have seen the LEGO catalog and gives us the rumored character names of the mini-figures that come with The Ghost set.

According to forum poster “just2good” the mini-figures listed in the catalog for The Ghost are: Ezra Bridger, Kannan Jarrus, Hera Syndulla, and a Stormtrooper.

Now according to the product descriptions on Kiddiwinks, Ezra comes with the Phantom set and Zeb comes with The Ghost. So one of the sources appears to be wrong. I’m betting it is Zeb in The Ghost set with Kannan, Hera and the Stormtrooper and Ezra in the Phantom set with the astromech droid.

The mini-figure of the astromech droid is almost certainly R1-D1, whom we saw concept art for at Celebration Europe II. The far left mini-figure in The Ghost set has a rather odd head and makes me wonder if that figure was not yet complete. It has me wondering if this is Kanan Jarrus what species he is or even if he is the other droid we saw at Celebration Europe II. Concept art of both known Rebels droids is included below for reference.


Our friend Jason Ward at speculates that the rumored character of Hera Syndulla may be related to The Clone Wars era Twi’lek freedom fighter Cham Syndulla. This bit of continuity would make a lot of sense and also help establish one of the various roots of the rebellion.

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  1. Zeb is the third figure next to Hera. If you zoom in close enough with 1080p on the YouTube video, you’ll make out Zeb. I don’t know where Kanan is unless he’s the green stormtrooper and the glare is blocking his name. So that Ghost image has Ezra, Hera, Zeb, stormtrooper in that order.

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