Rebels News Roundup: 12/30/13-1/5/14


This week we received  the official reveal of a new HASBRO action figure that will be part of the Star Wars Rebels Saga Legends line and rumors of Star Wars LEGO products.

1) Star Wars Rebels: The Inquisitor 3.75″ action figure


The Inquisitor figure is the first announced in the new 3.75″ Star Wars Rebels Saga Legends line, which will feature five points of articulation and be styled after the animated style of the show and feature accurate to the show weapons and accessories.

2) LEGO Star Wars: The Ghost


There are a number of new LEGO sets announced for Summer 2014, included in these are at least one Star Wars Rebels set, The Ghost #75053 and possibly another two set The Phantom #75048 and The Jedi Hunter #75051. The Jedi Hunter set may not be a Rebels set, it may be a continuation of the LEGO Star Wars animated series sets because in the preliminary catalog it features a JEK-14 action figure.




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