Rebels Ruminations: Sowing Seeds of Rebellion


The Sith’s grand plan to gain control of the galaxy was executed nearly flawlessly by  Darth Sidious under the guise of Senator/Chancellor Palpatine. Creating a galaxy wide civil war, drawing the Jedi into the trap and then ultimately springing the trap with Order 66, resulted in a near instantaneous seizure of absolute power and the elimination of the greatest threat to that power, the Jedi Order.

The unintended consequences of Palpatine’s victory may have laid the ground work for both the Rebel Alliance and Palpatine’s ultimate downfall.

Creation of Insurgent Forces:

One of the themes that later seasons of The Clone Wars played with was the idea that on planets occupied by Separatist forces, that the Jedi and Clones would train local resistance groups to try to retake their planet.  The organization and training of these forces are things that are not simply forgotten when the immediate threat is faced. When The Clone Wars ends you have a large number of individuals spread across the galaxy with military skills.  Some of these individuals will even have come to like military lifestyle and want to continue it.

In a time of peace there will be less need for these soldiers and many will put down their arms, but as the grip of the Empire tightens on systems across the galaxy individuals are now equipped to quickly coalesce into active resistance groups.

Proliferation of Weapons:

The other major unintended consequence of galaxy-wide war is that there will be a surplus of weapons and vehicles of war floating around.  There is no way that the Empire will be able to scavenge every battle field for planetary militia to gather up all weapons that could fall into Rebel hands. The fact of the Empire’s limited actual military reach is at the core of the plot of Star Wars Rebels. There will also be a ton of manufacturers that have to switch back to civilian production and will do so by stripping already in production or planned ships and other vehicles of their weapons. Since these ships would have been designed originally as military craft, even if they are declawed they could quickly be retrofitted to be military craft again.

 Jedi Darwinism:

The final unintended consequence that could come back to bite Palpatine during the Rebels series is that in effect he has instituted Jedi Darwinism.  There will be some Jedi that escape Order 66 through sheer luck (or the Force) but for the most part Jedi that survive like Yoda will be the strongest in the Force, the most attuned with their troops and most watchful of danger.  The Jedi that survive Order 66 because of their skill will be the most dangerous of the Jedi and while he has diluted the Jedi’s strength in terms of numbers, Palpatine has made it increasingly difficult to find the Jedi and when they are found they may be more than his troops are prepared for.


We know that any Jedi that survive Order 66 during the Dark Times and may appear on Star Wars Rebels will not directly lead to Palpatine’s destruction, but perhaps the Rebel groups that formed and hardier Jedi that survived the Purge will be instrumental in the formation of the Rebel Alliance which combined with Luke Skywalker led to Palpatine’s demise.  I guess Palpatine should have listened more to Yoda, ” Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.”

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