15 Second Star Wars Rebels Teaser To Air On Disney XD October 7th


Rebels Concept art via Lucasfilm

Are you ready for some (Ralph) McQuarrie inspired magic? On Thursday Lucasfilm announced via Twitter and Facebook that the new animated series, Star Wars Rebels would feature a 15 second teaser on Disney XD. The teaser will airing sometime during the 8:30-9:00 pm ET/PT (7:30 pm CT) premier of Mighty Med.

The teaser will NOT be a trailer according to Lucasfilm and  TFN is reporting that they have been told it will not contain footage from the show.

The Facebook Announcement was done via the Official Star Wars Rebels Facebook page:


The Twitter Announcement was done via @Starwars with clarifying tweets by Lucasfilm’s Empress of PR Tracy Cannobbio (@TCann13).


@starwarsrebels have been sighted near the premier of @MightyMedTV! Tune into Disney XD Monday at 8:30 ET/PT for a special fly-by.

— Star Wars (@starwars) October 3, 2013


@RebelForceRadio Just to clarify, this is not a trailer – rather a quick teaser video. Or, as I like to call it, 15 seconds of coolness.

— Tracy Cannobbio (@Tcann13) October 3, 2013


@MoviewebMovies Just an fyi that this is not a trailer. It is, however, a very fun 15 second teaser.

— Tracy Cannobbio (@Tcann13) October 4, 2013


For more on Ralph McQuarrie and how his art influenced Star Wars, check out the following video:

Stay tuned to LightsaberRattling.com and RebelsReport.com for all your in-depth Star Wars Rebels coverage.

SOURCES: FacebookTwitter and TFN.


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