Star Wars Rebels: Fulcrum’s Identity Revealed (SPOILERS)

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Rumors have been swirling this week about classic trilogy as well as The Clone Wars characters that could be appearing in Star Wars Rebels. If you want to remain completely spoiler free stop reading now.




We have confirmation of Hondo Ohnaka returning from actor Jim Cummings at Salt Lake Comic Con via Bryan Young. We also have rumors from our friends at Making Star Wars about Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine and Ahsoka Tano appearing in Star Wars Rebels Season Two. Not to be left out the website, The Bearded Trio is reporting that sources tell them Han Solo will appear next season as well.

Thanks to Rebels Report’s own co-host Andy, we appear to have learned a massive new revelation regarding Star Wars Rebels and the identity of the mysterious Rebel operative known only as “Fulcrum.”



Andy was sent a message on Twitter linking to RS Doublage a french website similar to a scaled down version of IMDB. On this website is lists actress Olivia Luccioni as voicing “Ahsoka Tano disguised as Fulcrum.”

Neither Andy nor myself are familiar with this website, so I decided to do some digging. Olivia Luccioni is a very busy actress including doing the French voice acting for Ahsoka Tano on The Clone Wars from 2008-2012.  She also happens to have a very up to date official website. On her website she also has an up to date CV which lists all of her acting roles in various mediums. Under the “Television (Series)” section of her CV she lists a role as, “2014 : Star Wars Rebel : Asokha Tano déguisée en Fulkrum – Série Animée.”

This fits with the audio engineering work that both Andy and Jimmy Mac from Rebel Force Radio did in processing the voice of Fulcrum and revealing that it is a female voice that sounds remarkably like Ahsoka under certain conditions.

The revelation of Fulcrum is likely to occur in the Season One finale leading into more appearances in Season Two but we have no confirmation of that yet. What we feel confident in saying now is that when Fulcrum’s identity is revealed it will be Ahsoka Tano voiced by Ashley Eckstein for English speaking audiences.

How did Ahsoka go from leaving the Jedi Order to become a key figure in the foundation of what would become the Rebel Alliance? That is a story for another day.


 SOURCES:, RSDoublage,, and The Bearded Trio




  8 comments for “Star Wars Rebels: Fulcrum’s Identity Revealed (SPOILERS)

  1. Pavel Langsholt
    February 10, 2015 at 11:23 am

    She must have been contacted by a rep at Licas films…as Rebels 2014 is no longer listed….

    • Pavel Langsholt
      February 10, 2015 at 11:24 am

      Oops I meant *Lucasfilm

  2. bob
    March 2, 2015 at 8:12 pm

    Ashoka returns in the season 1 Finale. Now I really want to see season 2.

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