Are these the four Star Wars Rebels Interstitials?


From Disney’s marketing material for the Star Wars Rebels tie-in books we learned earlier this year that there would be a series of four interstitials (short teasers) that would introduce us to the characters of Star Wars Rebels.

“TERRIFIC TEASERS: Four short-form interstitials will release in Summer 2014, introducing viewers to the characters of Star Wars Rebels. In Fall 2014, a one-hour debut special will air on Disney Channel and Disney XD, followed by the series rollout on Disney XD.”

It is interesting to note that the first of what appears to be these interstitials is debuting on Disney XD on this coming Monday 8/11/14. A 3-minute special entitled “The Machine in the Ghost” will air following an episode of Gravity Falls.

The preview clip of the 3-minute special that has been released to IGN is the same video that was shown in the Behind The Force program that was hosted by Ashley Eckstein at Disney Star Wars Weekends during Vanessa Marshall’s appearance.

Interestingly it is also the same clip that has been adapted in book form in the recently release Rise of the Rebels by Michael Kogge for Disney Lucasfilm Press.

The title page of Rise of the Rebels says, “based on stories by Greg Weisman, Henry Gilroy, and Simon Kinberg. Written by Michael Kogge.”

The book contains four parts:

  • Part 1: The Machine in the Ghost
  • Part 2: Art Attack
  • Part 3: Entanglement
  • Part 4: Property of Ezra Bridger

Of these four sections, the part 1 introduces Hera, Chopper and Kanan, part 2 introduces Sabine, part 3 introduces Zeb and part 4 introduces Ezra.

The story in “Art Attack” and “Property of Ezra Bridger” match the Disney Star Wars Weekends exclusive clips that were shown during the weekends that Taylor Gray (Ezra) and Tiya Sircar (Sabine). I haven’t seen the Star Wars Weekends exclusive clip that played during Steve Blum’s weekend but it is safe to assume that it is the same story that is included in “Entanglement.”

The story in “Property of Ezra Bridger” is something we have seen part of in the Spark and Ignite teasers for Rebels and it is also included in the final chapter of Ryder Windham’s new book Ezra’s Gamble. In the beginning of that book it is stated that this section is based off of a script from Simon Kinberg entitled “Not What You Think.”

So the good news is for those that were not able to attend Star Wars Weekends this year, it looks like you will get a chance to see those exclusive clips on your TV or computer screen soon.

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